Exceptional air-fried fries have already appeared in our second local in Bydgoszcz! From now it’s official: fast-food doesn’t have to mean unhealthy, rich in calories and fatty food, and we want to convince you of this and give you a tasty alternative with our food!

Now you can try our air-fried fries in two types: Belgian and sweet potatoes – in Cracow and Bydgoszcz. In both places you can also choose a special set, consisting of your favorite vegab or french hot-dog as well as fries and our home-made lemonade without sugar. Of course, we don’t have to praise the choice of sets for a long time, because it is the best choice: in both cases you save the money! You can find more information in the menu tab on the website and in the local 🙂

Why should you try them? We prepare our fries without the addition of fat, we bake them in very hot air. This method allows us to get crispy fries on the top and juicy and fluffy inside that blend in perfectly with our sauces. We remind you that you can choose any sauce from our offer! Sweet potato fries with tzatziki sauce or belgian fries with your favourite peanut-coconut or mayo? Which one will you choose? 🙂

In the menu tab you can also find the nutritional value of French fries in both sizes – small and large.

More information

We invite you to try our latest new item in Bydgoszcz always from 12 pm 🙂

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