Vegab is a great investment for you !

Our locals are unique places on a national scale and the brand is already widely recognized among vegetarians and vegans in Poland. When plant-based food becomes more and more popular, we offer a solution for everyone who needs healthier and premium quality food, but in the form of their favorite fast-food. 70% of our clients are people on a traditional diet who felt in love with the taste of vegab® - the first 100% plant-based kebab in Poland. Wherever we go we are visited by the crowds of our loyal fans - they will happily welcome the new Vegab® in your city!

What you get ?

  • The right to use the European Union registered Trade Mark for our logo and the word vegab®.
  • 180 hours of training on preparing Vegab® food and managing a Vegab® shop. Part of the training is in Kraków and part will be in your city.
  • As soon as the contract is signed we coordinate through all the steps needed to open a Vegab® shop using innovative IT tools.
  • Other help: Sanepid training, HACCP template, help in selecting the right localization for your shop, sharing of Vegab® negotiated prices with partner providers, help in negotiating prices with other providers.
  • "Turnkey solution": interior design template adjusted to your shop's specifics, list of devices with negotiated prices, logistics solutions to bring Vegab® products to your shop's door.
  • 200 pages of Operation Manual to guide you through all the aspects of managing Vegab®.
  • 90% of products are produced and deliver by Vegab® to your door - you don't need to hire a cook or to struggle with logistics companies to receive our products.
  • Set-up of the POS System integrated in the Vegab® network.
  • HR Help: we show you how to effectively hire the right employees and train them, how to pay them and how to prepare work schedules.
  • Marketing help: we take care of all the marketing activities during the opening (organizing the opening event, facebook page - over 23000 fans, instagram and blog). After the opening we take care of all the brand marketing. and we train you on how to make an effective local marketing.
  • IT tools: email, telephone number, project management IT tools, company folders, proprietary apps and POS System are included in the package.

What we ask ?

  • Renting premises between 70 to 130 sqm.
  • Franchisee entry fee - 30K zloty.
  • Cost of initial investment - between 150K to 250K zloty, depending on the premises conditions.
  • Franchise fee - 6% monthly net sales.
  • IT and Marketing fee - 2% monthly net sales. These fee is entirely spent on brand marketing and IT tools and development.
  • We don't require previous business or food experience, our requirement is passion, resilience and commitment.

Interested ?