We are very pleased to present the newest products in our offer! Even nicer is to encourage you to try them, because they apperared very often in your requests and comments 🙂

From March 3, we are starting selling two new and delicious products in Cracow and Bydgoszcz.


First of them are air-baked skinny potato fries! Our fries are very unique by the fact that instead of deep-frying them, we only bake them in hot air! It makes a really tasty alternative for fries for all who care about figure, health or well-being in genreal 😉 A small portion contains only 173 calories! Thanks to the fact that the fries are super thin after baking they become extremely crispy and velvety inside. Try them with your favourite sauce: choose from each of saues from our offers!

Bowl Deal

Another surprise is Bowl Deal, a completely new thing in Vegab! It includes lemonade and Vegab Bowl, which is a bowl filled with fresh vegetables, our vegan “meat” with the addition of sauce (to choose: hummus, tzatziki, mango, peanut-coconut or limited edition) and tortilla. You can also choose your preferred level of spiciness: mild with mayonnaise or spicy with chili. This bowl of deliciousness is something perfect for small hunger, as a snack, for children or for all of fans of salads – our Vegab Bowl is smaller and less caloric than vegab in classic size. The values of each Bowl can be found in the menu tab in the vegabs section – click on the “bowl” size next to your favourite flavour!

Feel free to try and enjoy!

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