One cold and rainy Saturday, April 13, we opened the gates of our new local Vegab at Starowiślna 8. The place with beautiful minimalistic interior where you can enjoy great plant-based meals. Check how the preparations and the grand opening looked on our photorelation.


Why did we move out? The new local Vegab at Starowiślna 8 is prepared for visits of many more guests than our first place. We were listening to all your wishes received in the comments and messages and finally we can share with you the place from our dreams which is super big, has a toilet for our guests, bigger menu and also new, more ecological packages than before. The new Vegab has a spacious interior whole in warm colour, mixed yellow and white, decorated with green plants. Many seats can be found along the windows and in the middle of the local at a long table for big feasts! 😉

We changed the menu and made it bigger with new items. You can take a look for all the details here: Menu Cracow. An interesting new item is LIMITED EDITION, which is a seasonal vegab. The first one that has come to the menu is Sunshine with a sauce made of dried plums, dried marinated tomatoes and sunflower seeds.

We can’t imagine the real fast-food without fries. Ours are unique, because as you know, we don’t fry food in Vegab (you can read more about our values here.) Our fries (belgian and sweet potato) are fat-free, air-fried and served with one of the sauces to choose from among 9 saiuces available in our offer! You can choose between sauces from hot-dogs and vegabs (like peanut-coconut or tzatziki), including a limited sauce as well.

French fries are available in two sizes: small and big. If you want to save the money, we encourage you to order one of our new sets, including fries and lemonades with vegab or hot-dog. You can save 4 zloty buying “vegab menu” and 2zloty choosing “hot-dog menu”.
Soon we’ll have also the beer from Browar Fortuna! Info will appear on our facebook immediately.

While having a meal in our restaurant, you will get drinks in glasses with a paper straw, and Bounty cake on a plate with a wooden fork.

How do you like the new changes in Vegab?

Photos from our grand opening below. Hope you’ll enjoy them!