Our scary, or rather terribly tasty vegab SPOOKY is back to warm your hearts (and bellies) this fall! If you dare to try it…

From October 1st, our restaurants will once again host a Limited Edition: vegab SPOOKY! SPOOKY debuted a year ago and made all fans of autumn flavors fall in love with it. See what its premiere looked like last year! This year you will have a chance to try it for 3 months.

In the composition of our original specialty, the main roles are played by: pumpkin, ginger and sunflower seeds.


Queen of Autumn and Halloween. In Vegab, the queen of the SPOOKY sauce – although delicate in taste, dominates the unique composition.


The aroma of autumn, a characteristic sharp taste and health-promoting properties. It’s all thanks to a solid portion of ginger you will find in every SPOOKY vegab!

Sunflower seeds

A gentle, delicate element. It is responsible for the perfect consistency of the sauce. The sunflower seeds contained in each vegab will provide you with a decent portion of vitamins that you never miss in the autumn.

The nutritional values ​​of vegab SPOOKY can be found in the menu tab.

vegab spooky vegan kebab

Vegab SPOOKY is perfect for cool, autumn evenings, when you only dream of hiding under a warm blanket. That’s when SPOOKY will warm you up! But…

Will you get scared?

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