The end of last month we got a very pleasant surprise: Big7Travel web portal about travel that prepares rankings – from phenomenal places to tourist attractions, ending on kulinary – placed Vegab in the list of the best 50 vegan restaurants in Europe. The pleasure of being honored is so great that we are listed really high – in the top ten!

They selected 50 best vegan places, which promote plant-based lifestyle by their actions (and culinary!)
The ranking presents the diversity of vegan cuisine and the diversity of plant-based restaurants, in this case located in Europe.

Vegab was ranked high on the 7th place! Big7Travel explained the selection of our restaurant as a place where you can eat a perfect cheat meal. It’s really difficult to disagree with it, although we invite you more often than only for a special occasion! 😉

„This vegan kebab store has one of the world’s greatest dishes. (…) It’s a casual place with the menu scrawled up on the wall. The perfect vegan cheat meal” – they wrote – „There’s also a location in Bydgoszcz, which is just as suberb”


„The 50 Best Vegan Restaurants In Europe” – Big7Travel


The ranking  includes also the second restaurant from Poland, Vegan Ramen Shop, who we are giving a virtual high-five! 😉
When this breaking news appeared in online media, polish editors hurried to write about it on the websites of the popular magazines.
In this way, you can read about Vegab on pages of magazines:

Elle – Dwie polskie restauracje na liście najlepszych wegańskich knajp w Europie

Glamour, NoizzWomen’s HealthLabelKmag and Viva! 

Thank you for all your articles! 🙂

A. Wojtczak „Dwie polskie restauracje na liście najlepszych wegańskich knajp w Europie”, Elle


It’s worth mentioning that Big7Travel has made a ranking based on the votes of the portal’s community of 1.5 million users and food experts. They also took into consideration Internet reviews and reccomendations appearing on blogs. You can read about us eg. on the Kirsty’s blog – The Tasty K in her guide to Krakow.

In this place, we encourage you to share your experiences after visiting our locals on the following websites:
Facebook (Cracow and Bydgoszcz), Google, Trip Advisor and Happy Cow (Cracow and Bydgoszcz).
Thank you in advance for every comment that contributed to our position in the ranking and for all your future reviews. Your opinions are always extremely important to us! 🙂


Check out more information about our food in tab menu  if you want to check what the jury voted for 🙂