Time is running so fast! Do you know that we are already 4 years old ?! 28.11 we celebrated our birthday in Cracow and Bydgoszcz.

Tthere were a lot of balloons, smiles, guests and even divination! We prepared small surprises and our guests made the wonderful atmosphere 🙂

Bounty exceptionally in the role of “birthday cake” for our guests in Cracow 🙂 We made wishes and blew out the candles – hope they will come true!

It was our first birthday in Cracow after we moved to a new place. The first guests at Starowiślna 8 received a piece of the iconic Bounty, which become this day a special “birthday cake” 🙂

Each guest while ordering had the chance to draw his lucky fortune-telling message because of St. Andrew’s day 🙂 Some messages predicted a lucky news when others predicted…a new vegab! Our guests had a chance to win a free vegab or a discount.

We saw a lot of smiles when you read your message! 🙂 Especially if the destiny was to have a great romance in Zakopane or meeting a handsome man (in Vegab) 😉 Warm regards to the lovely lady who asked if there would be a chance to win a new car – her divination card said: “as usual – you are right” 😉
We have hope your new car is coming soon! 🙂

The greatest @gizmo_pirate_ !

Thank you for spending this day with us and all the wishes we heard that day 🙂 Let’s spend next four, well, a hundred (!) next years together! 🙂


Photos from our third birthday party: click