We proudly present our new site, which became primary source of knowledge and information 🙂
How many calories has vegab? Where can you order our food? Who invented the first Polish vegan kebab? Answers to all questions are in this one place.

We have collected all the most important information here. Who we are, what is our story and what and how we create. The website will be constantly updated, so you will be alboe to read our posts, announcements, stories and breaking news on a regular basis.

In the tab values ​​we answer all questions about our food, which you often ask about in the messages.

In the story you will read a short story about: how this place was created and where an idea for such food came from.

Menu is the most wanted part, which presents all our meals in all its glory 😉 Explore the nutritional info ​​of each of our dishes!

We have also included the opportunity to comment below our posts, so we invite you to discuss and share your thoughts 🙂 If you have suggestions about what you would like to read on our company blog, also let us know!

Enjoy! 🙂