Every year, on the first day of November, we celebrate World Vegan Day. A holiday established to commemorate the founding of The Vegan Society in 1944. The society works to this day, providing reliable information on veganism and promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Many recent studies show that there are more and more people restricting meat consumption. This year, the study named “Eating habits of Polish people during social isolation during the 2020 coronavirus epidemic” was carried out at the request of Upfield. The survey results give us hope for a more plant-based future! Over 30% of respondents admitted that they bought more than usual products of plant origin. Moreover, in this group – 32% bought meat substitutes!

V-meat, our original meat substitute in Vegab, is made mainly from tofu, but also from pods and seitan. It has a lot of nutritional value – one vegab with a serving of v-meat contains up to 43 g of protein! Therefore, when you hear the famous question “Where do you get protein from?” again, you can answer: “From vegab”. 😉 More information about the nutritional values ​​and caloric value of our dishes can be found in the Menu tab.


What motivates Polish people to change to a more plant-based diet? According to the survey:

  • almost 50% indicate a desire to eat more sustainably
  • 31% a willing to try out new regulations nearly
  • 30% to strengthen the immune system
  • 28% for wanting to be healthier

We can proudly admit that our dishes are safe for the body, without harmful substances derived from animal products. So if you’re taking care of your health, you can go ahead and try vegab, our healthy fast food!

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