For Everyone

Vegab® is open to everyone! Vegans, vegetarians, omnivores - our unique menu will allow you to look at veganism from a completely different, delicious perspective.

Feel Like Home

A warm and comfortable atmosphere, just like home, and dishes prepared according to our own recipes, just like Mom’s.

Nutritional Values are The Basis

First, we test on ourselves, then we serve it to you. Only what suits us best is served to you! All our dishes are rich in nutrients. We make sure that they are properly composed.

We Say "NO"

Sometimes it is necessary to say "NO". We say "NO" 8 times, and we are proud of it:

  • We say NO to microwaves.

    All our dishes and sauces are prepared by ourselves, on an ongoing basis.

  • We say NO to sugar.

    Desserts and drinks are sweetened with natural sweetness of dates and erythritol.

  • We say NO to products derived from animals,

    and this means that you do not eat meat, dairy, eggs, honey and other animal products.

  • We say NO to cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics

    that are found in animal products.

  • We say NO to palm oil.

    We care for the environment on which the production of palm oil has a destructive effect.

  • We say NO to monosodium glutamate or preservatives.

    We focus on freshness, not long shelf life.

  • We say NO to products containing GMOs.

    We care about the simple and natural composition of dishes.

  • We say NO to frypan.

    Instead, we use alternative methods of preparing and extracting the taste from the food.

We Learn from You

Your opinion is very important to us, that's why we are open to your suggestions and ideas. Your joy for food gives us a lot of energy to constantly develop and improve!

We Focus on Uniqueness

We serve dishes that you will not try anywhere else. We care about the original taste, which you are happy to comeback to.