In 2019, there happened so many smaller and bigger events (including these breakthrough things!) so we think, that it would be very difficult not to add any blog post with the information about all these nice situations. While reading the summary of the year 2019 in Vegab, please consider the thought that the new year 2020 will bring even more impressions and can fulfill our (and somewhat also your) dreams! 🙂

 TOP 5 best products in our menu!

  • In 2019, several new products appeared, including air fried fries. When you can try them with every sauce available in our offer, the one you choose the most is the traditional version: with ketchup 🙂
  • Summer is the best time for juicy, seasonal and refreshing flavors. For this occasion, we changed our traditional lemonades to special drinks: lime, rhubarb and watermelon lemonade. From all of them you liked the most the sour-sweet version with lime. In the autumn and winter season (at the beginning and end of the year), you were drinking the version with one magic ingredient: ginger lemonade!
  • Last year, we also introduced the seasonal flavor of vegab – limited edition, that changes every few months. We have already tried vegab with Sunshine sauce, then Burger, and lately Spooky, which appeared in Vegab on Halloween. After all, even regardless of the strong position in the comments on our social media all the loyal fans #TeamHamster and #TeamAloha, the most often chosen vegab was Beirut (in first place!) and Olymp (right behind him). Beirut was most often eaten with a mild sauce, while Olymp with medium sauce.
  • In addition, during the opening hours of our both restaurants, every 6 hours someone received their gift from the Loyalty Card! 🙂

There is the summary on the infographic:


What else happened?

First of all: the two most important events – on a national scale: Vegab has become a chain of fast-food restaurants, on a local scale: we have moved to a larger place in Cracow 🙂

🌟 One cold February day, we opened the gate of a new, fresh place for all vegetarians/vegans but also fans of healthy comfort food in Bydgoszcz! Soon we’ll be celebrating the first birthday of this place! Check the relation here: Photorelation from opening new local Vegab in Bydgoszcz

🌟 Soon after, we moved out from our first place in Cracow. That local was already too small for our entire vegab community, so we changed the place to new restaurant – only few meters away to Starowiślna 8. At the opening it was very crowded! See the pictures also on the blog: Photorelation from the grand opening – new local Vegab Starowiślna 8

🌟 It was also a year of great awards and we thank you for all of them! We became 7th place in the Big 7 Travel ranking as one of the best veg spots in Europe! More here: Vegab among the best vegan restaurants in Europe
Vegab Cracow won as well the first place in the ranking of vegan places in the city

🌟 In Cracow, we also won in the ranking of the best Uber Eats restaurants in the category for… kekab! And we received the next Trip Advisor’s certificate of excellence (for the third time in a row!)

🌟 Considering your requests and for the good of our environment and planet, which is also extremely important to us, we have eliminated disposable plastic dishes in our restaurants. In their place we’ve introduced reusable cutlery, glasses and saucers. They both look beautiful and aesthetic during the meal, but also allow us not to produce so much rubbish.

🌟 We were travelling with vegab across the country. We visited festivals in Warsaw, Katowice and Bydgoszcz (before opening).

🌟 Apart from the limited edition of vegabs and air fried fries, we have also introduced new sets and beers🍟🍻

🌟 There were still many more reasons to celebrate! We are four years old, and last year we decided to celebrate our birthday with magical atmosphere: Vegab’s fourth birthday. Earlier, there was also time for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or Fat Thursday with donuts from the best Zielony Talarz (in Cracow) and Malinowy Chruśniak (in Bydgoszcz).

🌟 We were also helping others: we played with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, we collected money for homeless dogs and kittens from shelters in Bydgoszcz and Cracow and we supported little Alex – thanks to your help he managed to get the full amount (9 million zloty!) for his treatment!


Thank you for reading the summary of the year 2019. We wish that 2020 would be even more hearty in events and reasons for many joys and smiles! Let all our dreams come true, however unbelievable and abstract they would be! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where you can find out all the news we prepared for you in Vegab this year.