Did you know that “herbivores” have special holidays dedicated to them each autumn? 🙂 For some people they can be just “days like every other day”, but for others it can be quite a good opportunity and reason to try something new, find out the benefits of a plant-based diet, or even start a new lifestyle! We really encourage you to celebrate them! 😉


October 1 is World Vegetarian Day around the world. This holiday was established in 1977 by the organization dealing with the promotion of a plant-based diet – International Vegetarian Union (Eko Kalendarz).

One month later, on November 1, we will celebrate again – World Vegan Day, a relatively young holiday, established by The Vegan Society in 1994.

During World Vegetarian Day, we eat delicious plant-based meals, but also pay attention to the countless benefits that can result from choosing such a lifestyle – both for us, our well-being, health, but also and above all for animals. Another important, frequent and repeated in the mass media argument for choosing plant-based diet is also an environmental factor.


So, since during our holiday we should share the positive aspects of vegetarianism, we asked for the opinion of our expertsyou! – what are the biggest advantages of a plant-based diet 🙂
We wrote the answers in the form of a list, encouraging to pay attention to the plant-based diet for several simple reasons:

“Triple care”

  1. Health care
    Of course, a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be healthy. But well-balanced diet will have a positive effect on your body and spirit. Rich in (among others): vegetables, plant-based protein and fats, and above all, not containing cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics, that can appear in animal products (especially from industrial farming). Our master of horror as an advantage mentioned “security” – by eating plants (from trusted sources) we can avoid the substances mentioned earlier and live more peacefully. Surely you have heard many times about the recommended “five servings of fruit and vegetables” per day. By eating plant-based, following this rule has never been easier;)Selective Focus Photography of Vegetables in Basket
  2. Care for the planet
    The production of meat and animal products is mentioned as one of the key factors that have an impact on environmental changes. We can help our planet, choosing plant-based diet.Mountain Covered With Green Trees
  3. Care for animals
    Your most common used argument – you’re extremely empathic and sensitive! Great to be in contact with such people 🙂 Choosing a plant-based diet often (but not always) is caused by ethics and respect for animals and their lives. If it’s important to you, you don’t have to suddenly give up your favorite food and start new life immediately from the beginning. You can always try plant-based diet for special days e.g. once a week because of Meatless Mondays or Fridays. Every little step matters and can make a big difference!
    White and Brown Cow

    The unique benefits of plant-based diet

  4. Digestion speed
    An indisputable issue – plants will cause a new quality and some comfort in everyday life 🙂
  5. An infinite number of instant recipes
    For those experimenting at the beginning, plant-based cuisine may seem difficult to manage or balance and simply inconvenient… But you don’t have to worry – it’s not that complicated! Vegetarian-veterans can prepare unique dishes “out of nothing”, although often using magically sounding spices and additions, that you’ll probably also be familiar with. As always in life – you have to train yourself to perform well every new thing. Later, everything will be only easier.
  6. Exploring new flavors
    Experimentation and combinations over everyday dishes most often lead us to the unusual, undiscovered parts of world cuisine. We can say that some kind of limitation forces us to be more creative and discover new things. Many, many, many vegetarians/vegans mentioned learning new flavors or dishes that they would never have the opportunity / courage to try if they weren’t eating fully plant-based as the biggest advantage of this diet. We look for recpies in new sources, use new ingredients, go to other restaurants or order something different than always. We’re broadening our horizons and getting to know new culinary cultures!
  7. Fun with replacing meat flavors
    Sometimes we also want to come back to some favorite flavors. You might ask – where is the sense of giving up something to make an effort and create alternatives? Generally, most of people want to try them, because it wasn’t the taste of the products, that made them go vegetarian/vegan, but rather mentioned earlier ethical issues of production. We also want to experiment, create something out of nothing, check how creative the plant-based diet is. We just take some vegetables and create a something unusual from it, exploring aromas, structures and smells. Let’s take the example of seemingly tasteless tofu – prepared in a million ways. “Scrambled eggs” with tofu? Tofu “Cheesecake”? “Cottage cheese”, with tofu? VEGAB with tofu? 😉
    Here you are!
  8. Better sleep quality
    Previous benefits compressed into one good example given by our follower: healthy plant-based diet + the feeling that we’re doing something good every day!
  9. Vegab
    Thank you for this argument! 😉 Vegab wouldn’t appear without plan-based diets! – Without the desire to experiment and share vegan, healthy and delicious food with you. “Vegab” category contains the previously mentioned benefits: with us you will experience new flavors, get to know how to have fun creating a plant-based alternative, eat well, tasty, but also healthy. Safe for the body, without harmful substances from animal products. Everything we believe in and what we want to share with you is described in detail in Values .

Thank you all for your propositions and participation in our small survey. You are irreplaceable! 😉
Would you add something to our list? Write in the comment below!
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See you soon!